The process starts with you

Who we are is a group of experienced real estate professionals and attorneys who have taken on the mission of ridding local communities of these unsafe eyesores that ruin property values. Here's how the process works:
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Report the home to our Zombie Registry.

Tell us the town, the full street address if you know it, or the location on the block (e.g., third house on Main St. south of First Avenue). It's not necessary to provide your contact information, but if you do we will keep you posted on where we are throughout the process.

We will track down the current bank and property owner.

Through our propriety systems we will search, locate, and engage the legal property owner to start the process of cleaning up their zombie home mess. We have a 90% success rate!

We'll work to resolve any financial issues.

Our team is made up of the highest qualified real estate professionals in the industry. With over 30 years of experience in foreclosure defense and distress property negotiations we are confident we will be able to resolve any financial problems that played a part in creating the zombie in the first place.

We complete the transition from Zombie to

Our expert team will rehab, refurnish and resell the newly transitioned home to a financially stable family that will add value to your community.

Take the first step to ridding your community of a zombie home.